• Weekly Social Media

    #musicmonday -  Music to add to your Spotify or Apple Music library!
    #talkotuesday - Question/topic to discuss.  These topics can be for family discussion, for conversation with friends or something to reflect upon on your own.
    #wordalivewednesday - A passage from the bible to reflect on.​​​​​​​
    #threeonthursday - A topic, and its time to reflect on what your top 3 would be!​​​​​​​
    #faithfillefriday - Take a look at the lives of the Saints​​​​​​​
    #weekendchatter - A fun question to ask your family and friends this weekend!

  • #MusicMonday

  • #TalkOTuesday

  • #WordAliveWednesday

  • #ThreeOnThursday

  • #FaithFilledFriday

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