• Prayer Bookmarks

    These printable bookmarks can be coloured, and used as tools to help remind us to ask our guardian angels to pray for us.

  • Crafts

    Monster Bookmark

    These monster bookmarks are perfect for little readers. Even if you have a kiddo that struggles with loving to read, making one of these silly bookmarks might just be the thing to encourage some reading! These little monsters can also be used as a pointer for early readers..


    Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder

    Want to make your desk look fancier? Or add a bit of fun to your classroom? Make this DIY bookworm paper roll pencil holder. 

    Instructions here


    Butterfly Snacks

    "I love these butterfly snacks because it’s a cute way to pass out snacks in your child’s classroom or for any sports team."

    Instructions Here

  • Importance of Prayer as a Family

    "Family prayer enables parents to pass on their Christian faith to their children, promotes family unity and supports expressions of faith outside the home."