• The sacrament of Confirmation seals the gifts of the Holy Spirit we received at our Baptism so we can continue to live out our Christian life fully initiated in the Catholic faith!

    Normally youth in grade eight through twelve  who have been baptized in the Catholic Church prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.

    If you are an adult seeking these sacraments please go to Becoming Catholic and use on of the methods to contact the parish for more information and to begin your journey!

  • Registration

    To register for Confirmation for a child in grade eight and upwards please follow these steps:

    STEP #1
    Complete the Parish Registration (even if you think you are registered – we want to update all your information!)
    Parishioner Registration

    STEP #2
    Complete the Registration Form
    Confirmation Registration Closed
    ** You will receive an email confirming you registration**

    STEP #3
    Print off the Important Dates Sheet
    Important Dates

    There is no fee for sacraments, but if you are able to help our family of parishes recover the cost of the resources ($25) please click
    to submit your payment (enter "Confirmation" for the reason for your payment in the details box).

    Deadline to register is:

    DECEMBER 20, 2021

    If you want more information or have questions, please contact Colleen Hanley at or by calling 519-842-3324 (ext 225) or 519-875-4438 (ext 225).