• The sacrament of Baptism initiates us into the Christian faith life – we become a child of God!

    For those who are age 7 and up seeking the sacrament of baptism please go toBecoming Catholic

    and use on of the methods to contact the parish for more information and to begin your journey!

  • Registration

    To request baptism for a child under the age seven please follow these steps:

    STEP #1
    Complete the Parish Registration (even if you think you are registered – we want to update all your information!) Parishioner Registration

    STEP #2
    Complete the baptismal application 
    Baptismal Registration Form  

    **You will receive an email confirming your regstration**


    There is no fee for sacraments, but if you are able to help of family of parishes recover the cost of the resources ($25) please click 
    to submit your payment (enter "baptism" for the reason for your payment in the details box)..

    Any questions, please contact Colleen Hanley at or by calling 519-842-3324 (ext 225) or 519-875-4438 (ext 225).